Welcome to another Sunday Salon, our cozy reading room where we gather around with our coffee, tea, or other favorite beverage.

Sometimes we chat about our lives during the week; we definitely talk about books; and blogging is right up there in our thoughts.

I was just over at Sheila’s Sunday Salon, and she reported that Bloggiesta is coming!  Yay!

Remember that event?  It’s been awhile, but it’s a great time to do blog changes, repairs, etc.  Here’s the sign-up link.  Thanks, Sheila!

Now…let’s chat.

This week, I had some fun on the blogs.  I pondered some questions in Serendipity?  Fate? Choice?

Then I created my February Reading Wrap-up.  I had a pretty good reading month, despite the shortness of it.

On one of my writing blogs, I excerpted from my WIP Defining Moments, in Life Changing Moments.

Since I haven’t been as focused on my writing lately (it’s editing/tweaking time!), I wrote A Writing Journey — What Drives Us?

Meanwhile, I took some moments for life…and spent a couple of days with my granddaughter Fiona.  We did a little shopping, watched some movies…and had a lovely brunch at Mimi’s.

I know…I went there last week, too, I think…lol

But someone mentioned egg white omelets and I was drooling.  And Mimi’s is just around the corner.

So now let’s talk about books.

Books Read/Reviewed-Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  7th Heaven, by James Patterson/Maxine Paetro (Women’s Murder Club) (Quick and riveting)

2.  Marilyn Monroe, by Barbara Leaming (A very sad, detailed read)

3.  Unbroken, by Jamie Lisa Forbes (Review will be up during blog tour – 4/10/12, at Rainy Days and Mondays.

Today I’m reading Alice in Bed, by Cathleen Schine, and so far, it’s kind of unusual, but it’s drawing me in.

And that’s my week!  What was yours like?  Did your books transport you, or simply plod along?  What’s up next?

14 thoughts on “TSS: READING,WRITING, & LIFE — MARCH 4

  1. I’m waiting to sign up for Bloggiesta because I don’t know if I’m going to be able to participate yet – but it is such a fun event! And I do need to update my blog…so we’ll see!

    Looks like you had a good week of reading. I had wanted to read Schine’s book in February, but time ran out. I’m going to try to get to it in March so I’ll be looking forward to reading your thoughts on it!

    Have a great week, Laurel!


    • My dilemma is usually which blog to sign up to do. lol

      But I did take the plunge and signed up for my Curl up and Read site, since it’s the most “bookish” one.

      Thanks for visiting my Sunday Salon…and enjoy your weekend, Wendy.


    • I usually end up feeling a sense of accomplishment. I have been pretty good at doing intermittent blog maintenance, but I usually find something that can use an overhaul. Thanks for stopping by, Harvee, and enjoy the weekend.


  2. Thx for hoppin’ by my Sunday. It is fun to get organized – sort of a Spring-y activity, don’t you think? Your descriptions sound nice-n-organized. I feel stressed, too, which I keep telling myself I shouldn’t feel ’cause I’m supposed to be having FUN. It’s just… I have a review due Thursday and I’m not sure I even want to open the book. So……. uh……. 🙂 I should be more careful what I sign up for!!


    • Oh, I could kick myself sometimes when I’m up against the deadline for reviewing and I wonder: why???

      It is supposed to be fun….and thanks for stopping by, Laura. Let’s all do more of what we want to do.


  3. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to stop by yesterday! It sounds like you had a great time with your granddaughter! My week was very busy, as usual, trying to get more things prepared at the house.

    I had hoped to get more reading done this past week; however, it just seemed to be a bit of a slower week in that regard for me. Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday! I hope you have a great week!


    • Thanks for visiting, Jeremy…I did enjoy my time with my granddaughter…and it seems like I spent most of the week reading the Marilyn Monroe book, which was dense with details, most of which I could have lived without…lol

      Hope you have a great reading week.


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