Good morning, Sunday Saloners.

Welcome to another day to talk books, chat about our blogs, and share snippets of our lives.

Today was a rainy day here, but not the stormy kind of day.  Just a light, gentle sprinkling that encourages me to curl up and read.

Noah was here, and curled up with his video games.  We watched a movie, too.

A Good Day to Curl up and Read

This past week, I finished my usual number of reads, but one of them was a chunkster from my TBR stacks!  How pleased was I.

Even more so, since it was a delightful read that seemed to breeze along.

I did a little blogging, too, in addition to the usual memes.  Here are some of the posts:





Here is my week’s reading-click titles for reviews:

1.   Unraveling Anne, by Laurel Saville

2.  Almost a Crime, by Penny Vincenzi

3.   Henry’s Sisters (e-book), by Cathy Lamb


Sunday will be more reading, a little writing, and some movie watching.  I’m curious about this movie that I saw on On Demand.

The Ides of March is available on DVD.

What are your plans today?  Any books that are really grabbing your attention?  Stop on by and let’s chat….

14 thoughts on “TSS: COZY, RAINY DAYS — JAN. 22

  1. I am planning on doing a little cleaning and some reading as well. I am also intending on going to the library and grabbing some of the materials that I was unable to pick up during the last few days, as well as dropping some off.


  2. moshimoshineko

    I have to pack away all my books – my oarents are moving house and I’m moving country at the end of the week. And I totally can’t be bothered to do it – I just want to curl up and read Asimov.


    1. Oh, I hate packing! And moving….sigh. The last move was fierce, since I’d lived in the house for thirteen years and was downsizing (to my current abode). It took weeks to pack everything….

      Thanks for stopping by, Moshimoshineko…and find some pleasure along the way.


  3. Today I plan on watching some football and a little hockey. I’ve been reading The Mists of Avalon this week and plan on continuing reading it this week. I hope you have a great week, and thanks for dropping by my blog earlier today!


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