Good morning and welcome to the last Sunday Salon before Christmas!

Are you hearing the sleigh bells yet?  Or are you just exhausted from all the preparations?  Getting any reading done?

Just grab your cup of coffee, maybe a bowl for cereal, and let’s chat.

Here are some of my blog posts from this week.


12-14 CHECK-IN: ROW 80





Now let’s curl up and look at the reading list.

Click the Titles for Reviews:

1.   Mrs. Nixon (e-book), by Ann Beattie

2.  Best Kept Secret, by Amy Hatvany

3.  The Train of Small Mercies, by David Rowell

4.  Pug Hill, by Alison Pace

5.  Star Struck (Celebrity Interviews) e-book, by Betty Dravis


I couldn’t believe that I actually finished ALL the books on my reading list this week.  Even though I started the week with one book leftover from the previous week!

I suspect that I knew how busy this upcoming week would be…and that I’ll have a much lower expectation and shorter list.

What are you reading?  What holiday moments are you looking forward to this week?  Come on by and share!

Today I plan to watch some movies on my very FULL DVR.

22 thoughts on “TSS: CAN YOU HEAR THE SLEIGH BELLS? — DEC. 18

  1. Mrs. Nixon sounds interesting. I’ll have to put it on my New Year reading list.

    My reading list of this week is looking a bit daunting. I’m focusing today on nothing but cooking, cleaning and decorating. Hopefully all of the shopping will be done tonight and then the rest of the week will be blissfully without stress! Enjoy a wonderful holiday!


    • I can relate…however, I decided to put only three books on the list for this week…and then if I find myself with nothing to do (ha-ha!), I can always grab more!

      Thanks for stopping by, Doris, and have a great week!


  2. Great job on finishing your reading list this week! This week, I’m still reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I’ve made some considerable progress over the week, and the book isn’t at all what I expected.

    This week, I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with my wife and family, and being able to get in some Christmas movies, and of course, some good ole Christmas reading in the few days I have off. I hope you have a great week!


  3. I’m listening to all kinds of music, holiday and others. Getting tired of the same old songs, so am trying to find new music too. And kicking into that pile of books. Have a great holiday weekend and week.


  4. I am reading Courtney Sullivan, Maine, which is a lovely reminder of summer in the middle of a snowy couple of weeks.

    Congratulations on your productive reading week. Pug Hill is so cute.


  5. How do you manage! Reading a lot and posting all those nice blogs.
    I’m reading Red Mist bij Patricia Cornwell and Enter, Night bij Michael Rowe. Very different readings. I like that.


    • Thanks for the kind words, JannyAn…I basically free lance from my home, so I can schedule the day any way I want…bliss!

      I like reading books that are different…it helps stave off any boredom.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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