Good morning, and welcome to another edition of The Sunday Salon, our venue for discussing our blogging, reading, and life moments.

As so often happens for me at this time of year, I look back at what has come before, and contemplate what is ahead.

Looking ahead in terms of reading leads us to thoughts of challenges.  I am determined not to join as many this year, but already I’ve signed up for four.  I tell myself that each of these will serve to advance my reading in some way.  They will expand my reading horizons; they might open up genres previously unexplored; and they might help me make a dent in those TBR stacks.

My writing challenge (Row 80) nears its end this year, too.  A lot has been accomplished, as I have two nearly ready and completed manuscripts.

Here are some blog posts this week:


12-7 CHECK-IN: ROW 80




Before I begin talking about my reading, I would love to mention a DVD that arrived for me this week:  The Help.

I loved the book,  the movie in the theater, and now I’m eager to curl up and watch this one…perhaps today.

Now let’s look at my reading…

Books Read and Reviewed-Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  Brownie Fix, by Ellen Cardona

2.  The Next Always, by Nora Roberts

3.  Dirty Secret, by Jessie Sholl


Still Reading:  Mrs. Nixon (e-book), by Ann Beattie

So that’s my week—and for the upcoming one, I have a nice mix of books to dive into.

What was your week like?  Come on by and share….

14 thoughts on “TSS: CONTEMPLATIONS — DEC. 11

    1. One of the challenges I joined requires that I look at twelve different genres…and read one book in each. I’m looking forward to doing that.

      I haven’t done much in the way of YA reading, or fantasy, or even horror. Although I’ve read Stephen King, and sometimes he qualifies! lol

      Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. I’ve also begun to think of what I want to read for the upcoming year. I have a feeling that 2012 I’m going to read a bit more philosophy, but I’m relatively certain it won’t be anything like Das Kapital of this year.

    This weekend and for the rest of the month, it’s Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier today!


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