Good morning, and welcome to another Thursday event, presented today, serendipitously, here at my Serendipity blog.

Theme Thursdays is presented by Reading Between Pages; and you can find our other event at Booking Through Thursday.

Our theme today is CHARACTER DESCRIPTION, to be illustrated with a snippet including one.

I am excerpting from Armed:  An Alex Harris Mystery, by Elaine Macko.

The first person narrator is describing a victim, while tapping her pencil:

“I didn’t know her well on a personal level.  She could be gruff at times but also very efficient.  She had high standards, but modern technology intimidated her.”  I stopped the tapping and looked sternly at Detective Van der Burg.  “Detective, I don’t feel comfortable talking about someone who just died.  I’m not trying to besmirch her good name.  Mrs. Scott was a nice person.  She had her idiosyncrasies just like anyone else.”


What did you discover in your search?  I hope you’ll come on by and share!


Now for our bookish prompt:

Of the books you own, what’s the biggest category/genre?

Is this also the category that you actually read the most?

If I were to examine my bookshelves, which are located in every room including the bathroom and pantry, you would definitely find a lot of women’s fiction and literary fiction; you would also see many mysteries laced in among the others; and finally, there are plenty of memoirs.

And yes, this pretty much sums up my reading, too.  This week, I’m reading two mysteries and two women’s fiction novels.  I think this is somewhat representative of my tastes.  And on my stacks are several memoirs, including Carrie Fisher’s Shockaholic.

In the past, you would probably  have seen more “women’s issues” on my shelves due to the “revival” of feminism in the seventies.  In the sixties, you might have seen me reading more historical and literary fiction, including my favorites from those Russian guys.

Nowadays, I’m even venturing into Paranormal and YA books, because of Book Blogging…and Cozy Mysteries have been added recently.

Would love to know your answers…so please stop by and leave your links!

30 thoughts on “THURSDAY MEMES — THEMES & BOOKING — NOV. 17

    1. I wish my pantry were big enough to go inside…sigh. I have the books on the very top shelf, where I put them when I was desperate for more shelves. Sometimes I forget they’re there, and then I have a pleasant surprise when I open the pantry.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sierra, and enjoy your reading.


    1. Yes, that’s a recent development, Alison, and I like having them there for soaks in the tub, etc. I also have my favorite magazines in the bath.

      Thanks for stopping by, Alison, and I am enjoying the YA books I’ve chosen, although sometimes it’s hard to think of them as YA. I guess I really don’t like the ones that are “urban fantasy” for YA.


  1. I found that I have more cozy mysteries on my bookshelves, funny until this question I hadn’t really noticed. I thought I was more of a light romance, chic/lit reader, but I guess I’ve changed over the years. But, I still like a good chic/lit book once in a while.

    I like some memoirs also, I just recently read James Garners memoir and really enjoyed it.


    1. Yes, I remember that memoir, Gigi Ann, and how I added it to my wish list. I do love that many memoirs are coming out now by celebrities that were young when we were (lol); Diane Keaton has a new one out now. I saw her yesterday on The View.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing, Gigi Ann, and enjoy your reads!


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