Let's Have Coffee and Chat!

Here we are, gathering around for another Sunday Salon event.

I’m still caught up in the wonder of fall, with October moments surrounding me like a warm cloak.  Today my youngest grandson and I visited the Pumpkin Patch in our neighborhood, and then had dinner at Marie Callender’s (I had pumpkin pie, of course!).

Pumpkin Moments


He doesn’t look as excited as he really was…he just didn’t want to waste time taking pictures.

Earlier today, I posted other great photos at my Saturday Snapshot…again, pumpkins and grandkids.

This past week has been a great one for blogging and reading, and here are some of those blogging moments:







Reading Week-Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  The Summer Before the Dark, by Doris Lessing

2.  Still Missing, by Beth Gutcheon

3.  The Tall Pine Polka, by Lorna Landvik


Today I’ll be reading Janeology, by Karen Harrington, which is patiently waiting on Sparky, my Kindle.

How is your month shaping up?  Reading lots of spooky tales?  One of my books this week was suspenseful, while another was dark and introspective.  So far, no spookiness.

On November 1, I’ll be receiving a spooky story collection by Joyce Carol Oates.  That should be soon enough for me!

Meanwhile, here’s a Halloween vignette, with my creations surrounded by some spooky friends.

14 thoughts on “TSS: MORE OCTOBER FUN — OCT. 16

    1. I love the crispness in the air (when it finally arrives here!); the scents; the colors (we don’t have a lot); and the fall holidays. They all seem to burst upon us like gifts from the universe…and like new beginnings.

      Maybe because school started in the fall when I was a kid (we never began until after Labor Day, and fall was just weeks away). I loved school, so it makes sense to me that I’d love fall.

      Thanks for stopping by, Debbie.


  1. LOL, for excited kids, pictures are indeed a buzzkill:)

    I love that you have named your Kindle. I haven’t for some reason, which is weird because I name everything.


  2. I love taking my little ones to the pumpkin patch. (And now, of course, I want some pumpkin pie!) Sounds like a great reading week. And I was so pleased to see the Sparky note at the end of your post. 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!


    1. The greatest thing about pumpkin pie is it’s a relatively healthy dessert, lower in calories than many other pies.

      But I love the flavor and texture, too. Yummy! I want some more! Thanks for stopping by, Leighanne.


  3. I think I’ve given up on spooky reading for the month with my Dracula fail, lol. But I’ll go back to it. I read The New Girls by Beth Gutcheon ages ago and really liked it. I always meant to look into her other books. I’m curious how Still Missing. (Plus it always interests me when I know of two books with the same name, lol)


    1. I have read several books by Gutcheon, including The New Girls; Domestic Pleasures is one that I reread recently. Loved it!

      Thanks for stopping by, Jenny…and yes, I like knowing of two books with the same name, too.


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