Set against the backdrop of post-Katrina New Orleans, this page-turning psychological suspense novel had me biting my nails throughout.

Protagonist Mira Gallier, whose husband Jeff died during Katrina, restores stained glass windows—in churches and in homes—and had just finished restoring the windows at Sisters of Mercy. Now detectives Spencer Malone and Tony Sciame are at the scene of the brutal slaying of Father Girod, surrounded by the destruction of those stained glass windows—by Graffiti.

Next begins a horrific series of events, all seemingly connected in some way to Mira Gallier, and the killer seems hell-bent on squashing demons only he can see. As the body count increases, the methods used by the killer differ just enough to make it hard to zero in on the murderer.

Because of strange happenings at Mira’s home and art studio, the detectives even suspect her for awhile. The search broadens, but it will take many pages and many events before the reader will know who it is.

What, if anything, does Mira’s deceased husband Jeff have to do with any of these events? Is his friend Connor, who is in love with Mira, somehow connected? And what about Mira’s therapist, whose name she got from someone she now believes to be her enemy?

There are many characters that fall under suspicion, including one of the detectives on the case. We look here, and then there, misdirected by events as they unfold in a twisted and convoluted way. Will the killer be the last person one would expect?

I liked Mira and Detective Malone a lot…and really didn’t like one of the detectives. I had my suspicions about almost everyone at one point or another, which was a good device for the author to use. As the threads of the story come together, we see that parts of it had nothing to do with the murders, but more to do with the psychological after-effects of Katrina.

Five stars for Watch Me Die!

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