Welcome to another bookish event in which we celebrate upcoming reads we’re eagerly anticipating.  Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill, at Breaking the Spine.

I’m excited about a book that depicts family connections that spans generations.  The Sisters, by Nancy Jensen, will be released on 11/8/11.

“You’ll be drawn into the arms of The Sisters as if these women were your own family. You’ll want to hold them, warn them, betray their secrets. But this is a novel, one that is fresh and vibrant and complex. You cannot live the sisters’ lives, but only share in their joy and heartbreak and ultimate triumph. A remarkably powerful book.”
—Sandra Dallas, author of Prayers for Sale

“Nancy Jensen has the natural story-teller’s ability to command attention, but with sophisticated psychological understanding and beautifully crafted writing. The Sisters is a needed novel that will become a very popular classic.”
—Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab’s Wife

“A beautiful and touching novel about the events and choices that shape not only our lives but the lives of generations to come. Nancy Jensen takes us on an epic yet intimate journey through eighty years, ultimately revealing the flawed but lovely landscape that makes up a family. Her characters will stay with us long after the book’s final pages.”
—Brunonia Barry, author of The Lace Reader


What are you excited about?  Please stop by and share….


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment. Too bad you’re on wordpress.com and not org or *shiver* Blogspot.. I’d like to follow you. Hmm..
    Anyways, I love your wow-picture! The cover of ‘The Sisters’ looks awesome. November.. Hm, not that long, either. 🙂 Happy.. well, waiting. ;>


  2. I’m really drawn to the cover of this one. I’m a flea market junkie, so I collect dishes– or I did when I had room! Lol…this is a new, fresh choice. Never heard of it before.


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