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Since this week is Banned Books Week, I’ve been visiting blogs that are posting about it and hosting giveaways.

Over at Book Journey, I found several links to participating blogs.  It never ceases to amaze me the books that are/were banned and the reasons for those bans.

It’s interesting, too, that one of the books I’ve been rereading for awhile now is all about freedoms lost, including the privilege of reading.  The Handmaid’s Tale is a nightmarish journey into that kind of world.

I’m currently reading another book by Margaret Atwood that is a real page turner, too.   Cat’s Eye is about another kind of journey, for a retrospective show of an artist’s paintings.  Elaine, the artist, finds more than critical acclaim. Local streets, long-gone landmarks, and elements in the paintings themselves trigger memories of her transient childhood traveling across Canada with her entomologist father; of adolescence marred by the cruel teasing of three friends; and of love affairs with her first art teacher and mentor, and with Jon, her first husband. In addition, Elaine is haunted by thoughts of her chief tormentor/best friend, Cordelia, whom she last saw years ago in a mental institution. Atwood’s focus on the inner landscape of Elaine’s youth and early adult years will appeal to older teenagers.

I started reading this one this morning while I had brunch at Mimi’s, a little bistro in the neighborhood.




Here are some of my blogging adventures this week:




My Books Read & Reviewed – Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  Space, by Emily Sue Harvey (blog tour)

2.  Love Walked In, by Marisa De Los Santos

3.  Hazards of Hunting While Heartbroken, by Mari Passananti

It’s been one of those weeks.  Each book was totally captivating and I’m still having a hard time tearing myself away from my current read.

I would love to reread one of the banned books listed this week...Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier.  One of my favorites from back in the day.

What are you excited about this week?  Are you participating in Banned Books Week?  What books on the list are your favorites, if any?


  1. I just read Rebecca for the first time and loved it! Time for me to see the film, I think. And, I need to get back to The Handmaid’s Tale. I started it last year and then had to put it down for some other reading commitments, but I still think about it. Atwood’s storytelling is incredible.

    1. I’m going to keep rereading The Handmaid’s Tale in “fits and starts” until I finish. Meanwhile, Cat’s Eye by the same author is grabbing my attention.

      I just ordered Rebecca and Jamaica Inn from Amazon, so I’ll be rereading those soon.

      Thanks for stopping by, Natalie.

  2. Love Cat’s Eye and Rebecca for sure! I just finished Lady Chatterley’s Lover, banned of course but completely coincidental – I guess I read enough banned books to not have to try? :)

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