Good morning and welcome to the final Sunday Salon of the month!

After a flurry of activity throughout the week, I am still reeling a bit.  Between my ROW 80 writing challenge, which has grabbed a lot of my attention this week and last, I’ve also been excerpting chapters from my five published novels on my group blog, Dames of Dialogue.  This week’s chapter is from An Accidental Life.

Check out some writing thoughts on Snow Chronicles.

Yesterday, I had a great whirlwind day with my granddaughter Fiona.  We went to the gym, we did a shopping spree for school clothes (she starts high school in a week), and we went to the movies.  Here she is posing in one of her new outfits.

After a week of so much activity, it was fun just to hang out.  Here’s the movie we saw!  A perfect mix of fun, humor, and serious stuff.

As you have probably gathered by this discussion, my reading has suffered a bit this week.  I have two titles completed, but plan to read another one today.

Books Read & Reviewed-Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  The Beach Trees, by Karen White

2.  Then Came You, by Jennifer Weiner

Today I hope to finish reading Treasure Me, by Christine Nolfi.

Today will be all about reading…and maybe watching some stuff stored on my DVR.  What does your Sunday look like?


    1. You’ve defined it, Deb. All through school, it was “serious, serious” all the way.

      Escape is what I like to read these days, along with a few books with issues.

      Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Oh, Shannon, I LOVED the movie and so did my granddaughter. It was a nice mix of funny and serious, with great actors throughout. I always enjoy seeing Julianne Moore.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I want to go see that movie! I may make my boyfriend go with me. Reviews that I’ve seen have said that its good.
    Sometimes its good to have light reading weeks. You can’t be loaded down ALL the time :]


  2. I’m having the kind of week you had last week. Not really getting anything done. Today especially! I did watch Harry Potter and I thought about the work I need to do. But that’s it. Maybe I’ll just keep reading.


    1. Sometimes it’s enough to think about what to do next…LOL

      Today I’ve been finishing a book I started yesterday, watching movies on my DVR, and taking a nap.

      Thanks for stopping by, Brain Lair.


    1. Shopping with Fiona was a lot of fun. She knows what she likes and doesn’t take long to make her decisions. We did everything in one store, too. I had a book along to read while she tried stuff on.

      Thanks for stopping by, Robyn, and good luck with the school shopping.


  3. Glad the movie was enjoyable, I want to go and see it. I watched The Proposal yesterday to keep cool. I love it that you went to the gym with your Granddaughter as well as shopping! ;o)


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Nise. Yes, I think it’s great to hang out with her in all these wonderful places…the gym, shopping, and the movies.

      I really loved The Proposal. Betty White was hilarious in that one.


  4. Sorry it took me so long to visit! I’ve pretty much been off the computer since Sunday morning! It does look like you got some reading done, and Crazy Stupid Love looks like it could be quite funny. I might take my wife to see it this weekend! Thanks for stopping by my blog on Sunday!


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