Welcome to another Sunday Salon, with its blogging and reading adventures to share.

It’s been another hot week, which has driven me to blog and read all the more.

One of my blogging adventures this week included this excerpt from one of my novels:


I’ve continued working on my writing challenge for ROW 80, with updates of my progress.

Reading Adventures-Books Read & Reviewed(Click Titles for Reviews):

1.  Never Knowing, by Chevy Stevens

2.  Escape, by Barbara Delinsky

3.  Heat Wave (e-book), by Nancy Thayer

4. Goodie One Shoes, by Roz Siegel


I have several possibilities for reading today, including this one from the top of my reading list for this upcoming week.

The Beach Trees, by Karen White

Judging from my titles this week, I’ve been “escaping” to beaches and islands.  What about you?  What have you been reading?

18 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — JULY 24

  1. Well, have to start with GOODIE ONE SHOE. I would luv that novel. I’ve never had the chance to be a goodie one shoe. How does it feel? I just wonder. I’m always casted as the witch. lol. Luv all of your fabulous books. It looks like a Mailbox Monday.


    1. I’m grateful that it’s cool indoors, at least, even though that means the air-conditioning will ratchet that old PG&E bill upwards!

      Thanks for stopping by, Leighanne, and enjoy your reading week.


  2. I’ve been trying to read outside, but I’m giving into the temptation of the air conditioner and spending today inside. You’ve read some great books this week, thanks for sharing.



  3. Well, Heat Wave was an appropriate title, wasn’t it? I almost picked that one up in the library yesterday, but decided I didn’t need any more reminders of how hot it is!


  4. It’s definitely been one scorcher of a week! Can’t say I blame you for reading books escaping to the beach. Last week, I managed to finish reading Post Captain by Patrick O’Brian. This week, I’m working on Broke by Glenn Beck. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier today.


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