Welcome to another summer version of The Sunday Salon.  Can you believe that the month is more than half over already?

Today, when I picked up two of my grandkids on the way to a “family reunion” lunch, I couldn’t believe my ears when my granddaughter told me she starts the new school year on August 8.

What happened to summer vacation?  Ah, yes, the truncated version is what we have these days.

My second oldest son and his three kids joined us for lunch.  They were on their way back to LA after a week in Sacramento.  It’s always fun to see them…and they are all a lot taller again!  And, as of this past June, the five grandkids that joined us today are all teens.

I had to get a shot of them using their “devices,” followed by a more regular shot.

And here’s one of the Fearsome Five with my son, on the left side…kind of overseeing the group.

A good time was had by all…and then I drove two of them to their destinations.

Now…here’s what’s happening in my blogging world.


Reading Week-Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  The Uncoupling, by Meg Wolitzer

2.  She Makes It Look Easy, by Marybeth Whalen

3.  Afternoon Delight, by Carolyn Hinsey

4.  Best Staged Plans, by Claire Cook


What’s up next?  Well, I might watch some movies….and just veg out!  Or I could start this book that’s on my night stand.

Never Knowing, by Chevy Stevens


What are you planning to do?  What are you reading?


  1. That first photo, of course, fits in with one of the books I might try reading this week…about “The Dumbest Generation” and how digital technology is ruining people under the age of 30. 😉 Not that I’m saying your grandchildren are dumb…in fact, I’m the same way, texting away…usually to the wife :).


    • I made the same connection when I read your post…and, in fact, the way the kids relate to the devices seems to replace other kinds of interaction…sadly. But being an obsessive blogger, I can sort of relate.

      I don’t have the same “love affair” with my phone, though, and really don’t enjoy texting, even though my new phone has a bigger keyboard. Just doesn’t feel right.

      Thanks for stopping by.


    • Thanks, Deb…I was kind of surprised that I read all of these books this week, because I fiddled around and spent most of the week (until Thursday!) on the first one. But then the others were so captivating, I literally couldn’t put them down. The fourth one I was still reading late last night.

      My eyes are sore now!

      I enjoyed the family time, too. The three teens who live in LA aren’t that far away (three-and-a-half hours), but I only manage to see them two or three times a year!


  2. Well, for me, it’s more by necessity. My wife works as a 911 dispatcher and even if I called her on the non-emergency line, my call would be recorded. With texting, it goes “under the radar,” so to speak.


  3. I think the first photo of the kids with their technological gadgets speaks volumes! 🙂 I see all kids with these gadgets and gizmos. Our reliance on technology astounds me these days. One of my employees seems to only communicate via text or twitter. Mostly text to me letting me know he’s late everyday.

    I wonder how we as a culture would be able to survive without texting and the constant technological distractions we didn’t have when I was a kid.

    You also got a heck of a lot of reading done this week! I began reading Patrick O’Brian’s Post Captain this week, and I seem to be enjoying it. As for my week, my goal is to stay cool as we’re in for another week of scorching heat here in northern VA again. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!


    • Oh, it’s been really hot here, too…it started out slightly cooler today, but it’s still heading upwards.

      I am really annoyed when I’m trying to talk to one of the kids and they’re absorbed in texting. And I really hate getting texts that need a response, and then the whole thing turns into a long ongoing exchange when the whole thing could have been resolved quickly in one conversation!

      Thanks for stopping by, Jeremy…and I was surprised that I got this much reading done, too!


  4. She Makes it Look Easy is on my to read list. I love the pictures of the kids. Mine are all in their 20’s (or near enough to count as 20) so family outings and vacations are very hard for me to arrange! I especially

    love the “devices” shot. I never see mine without their device!


    • I thought that I could get better cooperation for the shots if I allowed them to use their “devices” in one of them…since they always seemed to be on them anyway! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Doris.


  5. What a great bunch of grandkids you have! I’m expecting my first one in November – who knows what the technology will be when he/she is a teenager!

    I read The Uncoupling recently, and enjoyed it. I like Wolitzer’s take on the modern world 🙂


  6. Ah the ‘tops of heads’ syndrome! One thing I can’t get over is when a couple are in a restaurant, clearly on a date of some variety and they’re both engrossed in their own devices. Why?! I mean I’m a fan of technology and all but I’m also a fan of candle light and good wine! At least it doesn’t seem like it was a challenge to get a normal pic of the kids – balance 🙂


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