Here we are in the midst of summer, surrounded by lovely books, but also sometimes drawn away from our reading by other activities.  Today’s Sunday Salon will be my forum for discussing how my summer is going so far.

I am reminded of other summers when I’ve already gone on vacation by this time…but alas, I seem to be stalled here.  Partly due to responsibilities, like child care (of my youngest grandson), but also partially due to feeling riveted to my computer for various writing challenges, etc.

Yes, a laptop would come in handy.  Something to explore….

So far this week, I’ve been torn between reading my WIP pages (after one Beta read) on Interior Designs, and actually reading Web of Tyranny, one of my published books on Kindle.

Yes, oddly enough, I had never read my Kindle version.  I didn’t have my Kindle at the time it came out, so I decided to “view it”…finally.


On the Blogs:

Then I was posting sample chapters of my published books  on my group blog, Dames of Dialogue, including this one this past week from Miles to Go here.

Earlier in the week, one of the dames posted an interview with me here.


Reading & Reviews-Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  Shades of Grace, by Barbara Delinsky

2.  Blood Brothers, by Nora Roberts


And that’s all I’ve finished so far!  I spent most of the week on those other activities.

But today I’m reading a book that I might just finish very soon…it’s one I’m really enjoying.

The Little Women Letters, by Gabrielle Donnelly

And maybe I’ll even get around to this one that’s waiting on Sparky, my Kindle:

The Uncoupling, by Meg Wolitzer


So that’s it for today…what have the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” brought for you this week?


    1. Oh, thanks for the “yay,” Shannon…LOL. Yes, it’s been three years since my last one came out, but I’m actually in the process of editing and “critiques” for two more.

      Thanks for stopping by, and as for sending books out, we all get a lot of those nice letters before we get accepted anywhere. Mine is a long story. I signed a contract with a small press, then they ran out of money…and in the end, I did the “indie” thing with Create Space, which was Booksurge back then. Good luck, whichever way you decide to go.


  1. Reading yourself…well, that seems kind of self-serving 😉 <– please note the emoticon. I'm totally kidding, totally. 🙂

    We're not really getting a vacation this year either: mini-vacations — like yesterday we went to Chili's about 60 miles away and in August, we're going to visit my father-in-law who is in a play. But we'll take what we can get. It still will be fun.


    1. Yes, well, since the Kindle version could have “errors,” which I did find (small though they were, and some other author friends said they found the same thing in theirs), I’m now reluctant to put anything else on Kindle.

      It didn’t actually distract that much, since it is obvious that the errors were in “formatting,” but it still bugged me.

      Thanks for stopping by, unfinished person. I enjoy Chili’s (I guess you’re talking about the restaurant).


  2. That’s so awesome that you’re published! 🙂 I definitely recommend a laptop, they take up less space, and they allow you to be quite portable. I’m not sure if I could go back to a desktop at this point at home.

    This week, I’m looking at trying to get a few more projects done at home, with some time in for reading I hope. These work projects will most likely keep my wife and I from getting a vacation in this summer.

    Thanks for visiting my site earlier this afternoon!


    1. Yes, I need to do some research on what’s available out there in laptops, and then figure out how to make the changes.

      Obviously I need to do some research.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jeremy.


  3. Books in the Burbs

    I am interested in reading The Little Women Letters, however I must admit that I’ve never read Little Women. I have seen the movie and loved it, but I know it is not the same. Do you think I will be okay with the book you are reading or do you think I should first read Little Women?


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Books in the Burbs….Yes, I think one could read The Little Women Letters without reading Little Women…but you could probably relate more to the characters and what is happening if you’ve first read Little Women. However, having seen the movie might be enough.

      Hope you enjoy it!


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