Do you ever look at your blog and ask yourself what is the message you are trying to convey?

I’ve been doing that a lot lately, especially after merging a few of my sites recently.  I have also renamed a couple of blogs, like changing Explorations, Reflections, & Meditations into An Interior Journey, or Snow Connections and Impressions into Snow Sparks.

This blog started as Accidental Moments in honor of my novel An Accidental Life.  But then I created pages for each of my novels at Creative Moments, and decided that this blog needed a slight makeover.

Why not just delete this blog?  Well, for one thing, it has been my regular site for The Sunday Salon posts each week.  Plus, I like the idea of continuing the theme of life just “happening accidentally,” and exploring that idea a bit.

Hence my attempt to change it up without going too far afield.

Well, a few days ago I played around with different names and landed on Happenstance.  Another word for accident.  But I had trouble with this name.  For one thing, I kept forgetting it!  Yes, how is that even possible?  But if I had trouble remembering it, I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t stick in the minds of readers.

Then, in my trusty thesaurus, I came up with a name I liked.  Serendipity.  That puts a more positive spin on the idea (and theme) of those accidental moments in life without really changing the original message.

So…what do you think?  Too much?  Totally crazy?  Perfect?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.



2 thoughts on “ABOUT MY BLOG CHANGES….

  1. like serenpdipity better – sounds lighter – easier on the mind’s tongue -I like the 60s buses also – shades of a time when we knew we could change things!!! oh I know we didn’t but the hope and perception was postive – and more positive I think is needed now (nothing to do with your changes I know but the site gave me that feeling)

    glad you’re keeping the accidental spin of life blog – accidental – luck – coincidences – karma whatever! adds a nice frosting of rime on frosted leaves or some such stuff – the breathe of life and what makes our stay around here interesting – promise I haven’t been on the gin bottle.


    • Ah, I like your poetic response, Alberta…it made me think of those times and how we really believed we could “change the world.” I like to remember it all.

      The VW buses were on my Miles to Go site, which was about my book from that time. Since I merged that site with Creative Moments, I felt sad about losing the buses. Until I thought of grabbing those images for my now newly dubbed Serendipity.


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