Welcome to another Sunday Salon, that virtual reading room where we all gather to share our reading, blogging, and life moments.

Do you ever have one of those weeks when you are distracted by one thing or another, and then can’t really point to anything conclusive that you’ve done?

Well, I guess this was one of those weeks for me.

It started with an impulse to merge some more blogs.  Yes, finally I had decided that I had too many…and I still do, with my remaining ten.  But I’m down four!  I wrote a bit about it on my Weekend Potpourri — Vanishing Blogs post.

On a positive note, though, I came to the finish line in my ROW 80 Writing Challenge , having achieved my goals.

Then I excerpted from one of my WIPs at Snow Chronicles.

I spent most of the week reading one book that was less captivating than I would have liked…I did keep turning pages while I read, but when I put it down for awhile, I was drawn too easily to other things.

Here’s what I finished (click titles for reviews):

1.  Dismantled, by Jennifer McMahon

2.  Daughters of the Revolution, by Carolyn Cooke

I started reading this next book late on Friday, and was still reading it when I posted this.  Since then, I read into the night and couldn’t put it down.  So now it’s finished, and if you click the title, you can see my review.

Maine, by J. Courtney Sullivan, and loved it!

Earlier, I tried to see a movie, but my timing was off.  Maybe I’ll see it on Sunday afternoon.

Has anyone seen it?  Any thoughts?


  1. I definitely feel like there are times where I’m distracted from reading. Especially during hockey season and/or during the Stanley Cup playoffs. I also totally agree with you that sometimes the book itself can cause you to be distracted, especially if you aren’t into it very much.

    I haven’t seen Tree of Life, but my wife and I did watch both The Dilemma and Little Fockers last night, and if you haven’t seen them, they’re worth a rent and some laughs! Here’s my post


  2. I know I’ve mentioned this to you before, but I’ll mention it again: at one time I had as many as six blogs and it got way too unwieldy. Now I’m down to two: one main one and one “fluff” one on Tumblr (was on Posterous, but switched). I can’t imagine having 20, 14 or 10 and think the more you can cut down, the better. It will be…and is…a project, but it will be so worth it in the end, with the number of readers, you will gain over the long-term. I know readers aren’t everything, but it sure helps :).

    I’m finally getting out of my reading slump…slowly but surely.


    • I am too exhausted to cut down anymore at this time…LOL.

      But I can see the advantages. I had so much fun creating, decorating, etc., that I sort of got carried away in a BIG way. Thanks for stopping by, Unfinished Person.


  3. Aha, now I see why you refer to a reading slump on my blog, Laurel-Rain! Glad to see you’ve come across something good!

    I’ve not seen that film, but I saw a good one last night – it was a movie of the book ‘Balzac and the little Seamstress’ – a very sweet film. I liked it.

    A very good idea to cut down your number of blogs, I’d say. For me one is enough!


  4. I really need to read some McMahon- so many people are loving her lately! And I haven’t seen Tree of Life, though a friend on Facebook said that she and her husband walked out, giggling over how incomprehensible it was. I’m intrigued for that very reason!


    • Oh, I hope I like the next McMahon book better than Dismantled…I must say, though, that the writing was excellent. I just hated the characters!

      As for Tree of Life, I’ve read mixed reviews, too. We shall see….thanks for stopping by, Carrie.


  5. I’ve always thought it admirable that you manage so many blogs! You do a great job! I’m sorry about the slump, but we get them every now and then, and the best part is, we come back stronger and more than ready to read.


    • Oh, I agree, Aths…and going out to a movie, or to lunch now and then helps pick things up. Just reading while eating my lunch quietly puts me back in the mood to read more.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  6. It seems like it’s the weeks when I have too much to do, too much on my mind, that I feel as if I’ve gotten nothing done. I don’t think I’m so great at long-term mental-multitasking! You must be, though, to keeps tabs on so many blogs. I have my book blog, my family blog, and one for our house remodeling project…and it’s only because our house project is at somewhat of a standstill that I’ve been able to [mostly] keep up! Congrats on that!


    • Yes, Diane, when I wrote the post, I hadn’t yet finished the third book (Maine), which turned out to be impossible to put down. After reading quite late, I went back and entered the review. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Good to know I’m not the only person having a slump, although in relative terms what you think of as a slump is what I think of as productive 😉 I’d love to see The Tree Of Life too. A couple of friends saw it and didn’t like it because it was too deep and abstract for them but I’m a fan of deep and abstract so I’m not put off. Love to know what you think when you have seen it.


    • Ah, yes, one person’s slump is another person’s great week…I know how that goes. And as for The Tree of Life, there were moments when I thought….okay, this is lovely, but let’s get on with it! And then, almost as if the movie heard me (LOL), it did.

      I liked the unique way the story was told, and the poignancy of seeing one man’s life in flashbacks, coupled with those abstract images. Almost spiritual.


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