Wow!  It’s the time of the week for Waiting on Wednesday (WOW), when we share our book anticipation.  Hosted by Jill, at Breaking the Spine, join in and share your book love, too.

This week, I’m very excited about the book I’m featuring.  It’s from one of my favorite authors, and I’ve had it on preorder for awhile.  It will be released on July 12.

Then Came You, by Jennifer Weiner, is the story of four women bound by obligation and opportunity who are struggling for a way to make a family.

Jules Wildgren is a Princeton senior with a full scholarship and a family she’s ashamed to invite to Parents’ Weekend. Tall, blond, and outwardly identical to her prep-school-educated classmates, her plan is to take the ten thousand dollars she’ll receive from donating her “pedigree” eggs and try to save her father from addiction…

Annie Barrow is a working-class mother of two who scrapes by on her husband’s single paycheck. After watching a TV show about surrogates, she thinks she’s found a way to recover a sense of purpose and bring in some extra cash…

India Bishop, thirty-eight (really forty-three), believes she’s found her happy ending when she marries a wealthy, older man, Marcus Croft, but decides a baby will seal the deal. When her attempts at pregnancy fail, she turns to technology, and Annie and Jules, to make her dreams come true…

But each woman’s plans are thrown into disarray when Marcus suddenly dies, and his twenty-three-year-old daughter Bettina is named guardian of the unborn child. As the baby’s due date draws near, these women—with nothing and everything in common—discover what makes each a mother in her own right.

With her laugh-out-loud humor, and spot-on characterizations, Weiner once again takes readers into the heart of women’s lives, in an unforgettable story that interweaves themes of class and entitlement, surrogacy and donorship, parental rights and the measure of motherhood.


I am seriously drooling here.  I am literally “Waiting on Wednesday.”

What are you waiting for?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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