Of all the Accidental Moments in life, discovering these Thursday  Memes has been one of the most delightful ones recently.  Booking Through Thursday is an event in which our leader poses a question or prompt for us to explore.  In Theme Thursdays, our leader asks us to excerpt from our reading, spotlighting certain aspects of the book…like characteristics, etc.

Today’s Booking Prompt:

Do you ever feel like you’re in a reading rut? That you don’t read enough variety? That you need to branch out, spread your literary wings and explore other genres, flavors, styles?

That may have been true at one point, but once I started blogging and entering reading challenges, I began to spread my wings.

Some of my current challenges expect me to do just that.  Like the Awesome Authors Challenge, which directs us to read from new (to us) authors.

Or the Nicholas Sparks Challenge (I hadn’t been a reader of his books), which offered the opportunity to explore or really go all out.

Every week, I participate in one or two memes that showcase books that others are reading.  Through these events, I’ve had the opportunity to really branch out and explore.


Theme Thursday Today:

This week’s theme is:


This conversation is excerpted from A Pug’s Tale, by Alison Pace.

“I’m Chaz Greene,” he said to me, extending his hand.  I stepped forward and shook it.

“Hope McNeill,” I said, and as I leg go of Chaz’s hand, Elliot appeared at my side and shook Chaz’s hand as well.

“Elliot Death,” he said.  Even as he pronounced it “Deeth,” I couldn’t help thinking of the word “death”—the death of our careers, or worse. (p. 71).

What are you chatting about today on your Thursday Memes?  I hope you’ll stop by and chat a bit here.


  1. This conversation introduces all the characters if only by name and as it states I read ‘Deeth’ as ‘Death’ and paused for a moment to ask why would someone be called ‘Death’? I also liked that ‘Hope’ and ‘Death’ are 2 names that really mean 2 different things. This is a fantastic piece of conversation..


  2. This book is just starting to make its presence known among the book blogs and it looks to be a good one! I too liked the mention of Death rather than Deeth. Sounds interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.
    My Bookshelf


  3. I never saw the Pugs Tale before either. As far as being in a rut, I have to agree that reading other book blogs has helped me read different genres, but all in all I read what I like, I mostly read for my own entertainment, so I choose books I think I will be entertained by.


  4. Your BTT answer is similar to mine as book blogs and being a blogger has helped me branch out. Challenges really help too. What are the weekly ones you mentioned that show what others are reading?


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