Welcome to The Sunday Salon, where we gather to share our thoughts on reading, blogging, and life.

Since today begins a new month, I’d like to talk a little bit about the past month, as well as the past week.

Here’s my Reading Wrap-Up for April.

As for the past week, here are some highlights.  First of all, on a whimsical note, my son got this intriguing “souvenir” from our local Hat Days Celebration…an event that precedes the rodeo in these parts.  He thought of me and my “flower child days.”


Okay, I have no idea who did this, nor if it is considered “defacing” the dollar bill, but isn’t it a quirky little gem?

Now, on to more serious pursuits.  Here are some other blog posts you may have missed:

Q & A with Author Wendy Wax

An Unexpected Guest – An Excerpt

The Essence of the Whirlwind – An Excerpt

Saturday Snapshot – Moments in Time

Now for the week’s reading!

Books Read and Reviewed -Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  Ten Beach Road, by Wendy Wax – With Author Bio

2.  Friday’s Daughter, by Patricia Sprinkle

3.  Old Loves Die Hard, by Lauren Carr

Still Reading:

Tapestry of Love, by Rosy Thornton

I had planned to have this one completed yesterday, but I had a few plans change, and enjoyed spending the day with my granddaughter Fiona instead of reading.

I’m loving this idyllic tale of life in the French countryside, with its portrayal of small village life, and the gorgeous tapestries created by our main character.

What have you been up to this week?  What are you planning for today?  I hope you’ll stop by….


  1. That rainbow dollar bill is awesome! Looks like you had a really great reading week but I think my fave part was you spending the day with your granddaughter. What I wouldn’t do to shoot back in time and spend a day with all of my grandparents 🙂 Hope you both had a wonderful day together. I had a quietish week, only real action involved me getting annoyed at the treatment of Judy Mays and writing a strongly worded email to the network. Other than that, just trundling along!


  2. I think spending time with your granddaughter is much more fun than reading and I love to read. That dollar bill is pretty cool. I hope you’re having a great week so far!


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