Good morning, and welcome to our Easter edition of The Sunday Salon.  Today’s gathering will serve up the usual reading, blogging, and life moments.

It’s been an interesting week.  Since it was Spring break for school kids, I spent some time with two of my grandkids—just going to the movies, having lunch, and watching movies at my house.  We had great weather on the day we chose to hang out…and ended the day with dinner, followed by Coldstone ice cream.  Bliss!

This photo of the two of them was taken on a different occasion, because, alas, I forgot my camera this past week! 

Speaking of Spring Break:  here’s a photo from way back in the past…Spring Break in 1972!

Laurel-Rain & Three Kids - Roeding Park - April-1972

There was plenty of blogging this week.  Here are some of my posts, in case you missed them.

Four Things Meme

Booking Through Thursday – Covers

Three Year Blogoversary and Giveaway

Weekend Potpourri – Reorganization

Saturday Snapshot

Next:  Some Reading Moments….

Books Read and Reviewed-Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  Manic, by Terri Cheney

2.  Life After Forty, by Dora Heldt

3.  Night Road, by Kristin Hannah

Currently Reading:

Ten Beach Road, by Wendy Wax

What a fabulous read!  I can’t wait to review it, which I’ll be doing in the next couple of days, along with a post that includes Wendy Wax’s Bio and a Q & A with her.  Watch out for this event, which will be on Curl up and Read.


Yesterday, I enjoyed a fabulous DVD that came in the mail from Amazon.  I preordered it as soon as I first heard of it.   Starring Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart, Rabbit Hole is one of those memorable films that spotlights a family coming apart.  Click the title for my review.

So…that’s it for me today.  I’ll be diving back into my current read, watching some movies on the DVR, and getting together with family later.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!  Stop by and share some moments….


  1. I really love the quote you gave from Night Road – rather beautiful and profound.

    I love seeing your old photos Laurel-Rain. I used to have one of those baby carriers, and one of my happiest moments was walking along a beach with my younger son on my back, and a man passing me and saying, ‘Beautiful, sin’t it?’ And realising that it was.


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