Good morning, and welcome to our first Sunday Salon in April.  Let’s gather around and share our reading, blogging, and life moments.

This past week has been a good one for me.  I’ve enjoyed a few blogging moments, like these:








For the rest of the week, I did the usual stuff, like run errands, go out to lunch a couple of times, and I had to buy a new mouse for my computer.  Clicking wasn’t FUN anymore with my old one.  And then I bought this, an incentive for additional exercise….


So…instead of just lying there watching TV, I can pedal away.  Nice idea, anyway….LOL

I did get some reading done, and the variety of books I chose this week kept me interested all week long.


Books Read and Reviewed-Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote

2.  Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run, by Lucy Adams

3.  Found (a memoir), by Jennifer Lauck

4.  Untied (a memoir), by Meredith Baxter


And that’s all the books I completed this week.  Today, I’m going to continue reading a book I started yesterday…My Hollywood, by Mona Simpson.

So far, it’s an intriguing read, written in the points of view of Claire, the mother, and Lola, the nanny.

So what are you up to today?  How was your week?  I hope you’ll stop by and share some thoughts….




36 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — APRIL 3

  1. I love the idea of exercising while watching TV. I had a friend who had a very low-tech stepper – essentially just a pair of steps like the gas pedal and brake in a care – that she’d use while watching TV.

    A shame you didn’t care for In Cold Blood. I read it a few years ago and really admired it – but, as you say, it stands or falls on the prose style and if you don’t like it, the book would potentially be quite annoying.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I did a little round-up of the books I’m reading, a follow-on from my ‘Friday reads’ post a few days before.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Stephanie…Yes, I really wanted to enjoy In Cold Blood…I LOVED the movie, and I wonder if watching it first spoiled the book….

      I like the idea of the bike while watching TV, as I don’t feel as “bored” with the exercise when I’m doing that. Hopefully I’ll keep it up!


    1. I had one in my bedroom a few years ago, but had some difficulty with it putting stress on my knees. Since then, though, I’ve worked out on bikes with no problem. Plus this one feels like a low impact (on knees).

      Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie.


  2. Impressive selection, as usual Laurel-Rain. I’ve got In Cold Blood on my bookshelf, but it is one of the (many) titles I keep meaning to get round to reading, but never do. I have to say I loved his ‘Breakfast in Tiffany’s’ though.

    I also think your idea about exercise is a great one!


    1. Yes, and after missing yesterday (told myself I needed a rest!), I just finished working out today. So I’m feeling virtuous…LOL Wonder how long that will last?

      Thanks for stopping by, Clare…


  3. Lollll, luv your Sunday Salon. I have to admit that the title Tuck Your Skirts and Run tipped the scale for me. Luv that title. Yes, this is the first Sunday in April. Didn’t realize it until you mentioned it.


  4. justbookreading

    I have a stationary bike, oddly it’s stationed in front of a TV too, but I never use it. I find it’s a great place to hang clothes though…


    1. Ha-Ha…Yes, I am concerned that I will lose interest and therefore negate the good idea of it…and I’ve heard how good it is as a place for clothes….

      I’ve had one before, but the one I had was hard on my knees. This one isn’t. I didn’t work out yesterday, but I did this morning.

      Thanks for stopping by, Just Book Reading.


  5. I am jealous of your incline exercise bike! I have a friend who swears by them! And I think my weary bones would enjoy sitting down, but what a work out even in that position! 🙂

    Great bunch of books! In Cold Blood has been on my TBR shelf for a while, maybe I should move it up now that you remind me!


    My Sunday Salon


  6. Exercising while watching TV is a great idea! I’ve been using a treadmill for years, but it broke this winter… really need to replace it soon. You got a lot of reading done in March and had such a wide range of titles. Here to a successful April!


    1. Thanks, JoAnn…I like the bike better than the treadmill. The treadmill wouldn’t fit in any of my rooms, so it was in the garage. That made it difficult to use…too cold or too hot out there. So I sold it.

      Glad you could stop by…have a great reading month.


    1. Yes, and it took me awhile to figure out what was wrong…duh! Anyway, now it’s done. And the bike…well, I’d been thinking about getting one and cleared a space for it, so I’m glad I went ahead, since I’ve even been exercising. We’ll see how long that lasts…LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Alyce.


  7. Yeah for exercising while watching tv. I’d rather sit on the couch and have my hubby rub my feet. We have a treadmill, but I read while using it. The time flows much quicker. Great books and I do want to read Truman Capote, but not that one. Thanks for the honest review. Have a wonderful week! Happy reading and writing!


  8. Until my tummy started getting in the way I loved going to the gym and riding the exercise bike while reading my book. Can’t wait until I’m able to do so again–perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.

    Enjoy your reading! In Cold Blood is a fascinating book!


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