Good morning, and welcome to The Sunday Salon, where we share about our week, and sometimes the month.

Since tomorrow is the last day of the month, I’ll be sharing my stats for February today.  I don’t expect to complete another one by the end of tomorrow, since the book I’m working on now is a chunkster.

Yesterday, while reading some of the book I’ve been working on this week (in addition to the ones I completed), I also watched some movies on my DVR and slightly rearranged my “window seat” area.

"Window Seat", Screen, Baker's Rack

Today I plan to try (once again!) to find another bookshelf for my office.  Even as I cleared off shelves in the hallway via my library donations, those are almost filled with the books I’ve finished this month and last.

I have ordered more e-books lately, but then, favorite authors are putting out work…and I can’t totally give up on print books!

So I’d like something like one of these, perhaps….

Now that I’ve visualized it, I probably won’t find it…but we’ll see.


Some of my favorite blog posts I wrote this week included Booking Through Thursday — Something Old, Something New; Saturday Snapshot — Old Photos; and A Bit of Me (Me) — A Writer’s Life.

Books Read & ReviewedClick Titles for Reviews:

1.  The Paris Wife, by Paula McLain

2.  The Book of Tomorrow, by Cecelia Ahern

3.  Hardly Knew Her, by Laura Lippman


Still Reading:

Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen



Number of Books Read:            14

Total Pages Read:                 4,036

Genres Read:

Memoirs — 3

Mysteries — 2

Historical Fiction — 3

Contemporary Fiction — 3

Romantic Suspense — 1

Coming of Age — 1

Short Story Collections – 1


That’s it for the week…and the month!  Now I’m off to see what you all have been up to…hope you’ll stop by.


21 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — MONTHLY WRAP-UP, ETC. — FEB. 27

    1. Oh, yes, I hope to finish it soon, unfinished person. I loved The Corrections, too, and thought I had a copy of it…but alas, as I search high and low, I haven’t yet found it.

      Which doesn’t mean that it’s not here somewhere…I have shelves in every room, in the hallway, in the pantry, and possibly other forgotten places…LOL

      Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a great month you had! I’m really becoming a memoir addict (thinking about doing a “Memoir of the Month” feature on my blog) and am also becoming much more comfortable (like you) with the ebook format. Like you however, I’ll never be able to give up on paper–in fact the last three books I bought this month were all books I’d borrowed from the library but wanted my own copy in my permanent collection.

    Some people collect beer steins,some people collect spoons, some collect thimbles. I collect books.

    Enjoy your Sunday, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today.


    1. That’s me, too…a collector of books. I went out today and found another bookcase. I had to go to four stores before I finally found the one I wanted.

      Thanks for stopping by, Tina….

      I have several more memoirs on my TBR stacks, so I expect to read one or more every month.


    1. Thanks, Mason…I did find a bookshelf, but not at Target. The ones they had were affordable, but had so many pieces and had to be assembled. It didn’t look easy, either.

      The one I found they’re assembling for me for $10.00 additional cost. Well worth it to me!

      Now I’ve been trying to figure out where to put it…it involves moving a few things around in my office, but it will work.


    1. Thanks, bunnystuff…And if you love Laura Lippman novels, you’re sure to enjoy this short story collection.

      The bookshelves I ended up getting are similar…but darker…and smaller. But it fits into the space.


  2. I know that e-books would technically be the smarter option for me, living in an apartment and all but I just can’t. It’s not just the story, apparently, it’s the whole reading experience. It’s the paper book, the cup of tea, the comfy couch… So I’m constantly looking or creative places to stow my expanding collection of books 😉


  3. You did a great job reading a lot of books in February! I completely prefer print books, but my house has no more room for extra bookcases. So I’m stuck stacking and shelving creatively (since I’m sure not going to stop acquiring books). 🙂


  4. You had a great month! I have to get my end of the month post done for January still. Lol. I hope you find some shelves. I’d love to get a few of thiem myself. I have tons of ebooks but I don’t think I have any less print ones either. Have a great week!



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