Good morning!  Welcome to The Sunday Salon, that giant reading room that stretches across the blogosphere, connecting us all to one another for some updates and tidbits about our lives.

Wow, this past week seemed to skid by faster than usual, and I’m not sure why.  But I did manage to read some books and post on some of my blog sites.

Here are some sample posts:

Meet “Sparky” — A Kindle Sequel

Guest Post — Cheryl K. Tardif

Saturday Snapshot

A Bit of Me (Me) – Colors of the Rainbow


My Saturday Snapshot post triggered something yesterday.  Soon I had photo albums spread out all over the place, as I searched for another photo from ‘way back.  Here it is:

My Daughter at Age Three -- Funky Hairstyle

Now for the reading. The first two books seemed to fly by…but toward the end of the week, I started the longest one of the three.  I kept getting distracted, so it was slow going.  But then yesterday, I read all day, off and on, finally finishing it late last night.  Phew!  What a thrill ride.

This morning my Kindle battery was dead, so it’s charging now.  This is my first recharge of the Kindle since I received it at Christmas.

Books Read & Reviewed – Click Title for Reviews:

1.  A Ticket to Ride, by Paula McLain

2.  Wild Child:  Girlhoods in the Counterculture, by Chelsea Cain

3.  Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The – Stieg Larsson

Ongoing Read:

Where Angels Fear, by Sunny Frazier

Okay…that’s it.  And I already have a list of books ready for next week.  I’m really excited.

What about you?  What are you reading and/or planning to read?  What exciting family adventures are you enjoying?


12 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — JOURNEYS — FEB. 6

  1. Lovely dimples, Laurel-Rain! And what an interesting a varied reading schedule you’ve had. The non-fiction about growing up sounds especially interesting. I was also interested in what you said about guessing the page number with the Kindle – I do miss the page numbers. Percentage through the book is not the same!


    1. I know, Clare…I find myself trying to guess the page numbers from the percentages….

      The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was the longest book I’ve read on my Kindle so far. I really think I finish faster on my Kindle…not sure why.

      Thanks for stopping by, and for the compliments on the dimples. She still has them as an adult, but she has lost her “flower child” look.


  2. I must be the only person that hasn’t read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! Judging from your review, I should probably save it for vacation so I won’t have to put it down… hope you enjoy the second book just as much.


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