The Journey....


In this excerpt from An Accidental Life, Karin Larson ponders some of her life lessons.


Her mind wandered as they each slipped back into their private reveries.  Maybe life wasn’t just about the plans you made, or even about making all the right choices.  Maybe it was really more about what you did with those unexpected twists and turns Fate seemed to throw at you.  How you coped with the hand you were dealt.  And if you faced it all with grace and dignity, while managing to come out on the other side, maybe it was about the valuable lessons you learned along the way.  Lessons that you could share with the people in your life.  Which they could examine, choose to tuck away as part of their own armor to face the battles ahead.  Or discard.  Legacies were like that.  You never knew what the recipients of your pearls of wisdom might do with them.  What might seem like treasured jewels to you might just be an insignificant piece of costume jewelry to another.  But however the gifts were perceived, the recipients would somehow weave them into the fabric of their own lives, as they made their own way.

Tucking this realization away into that private place inside, Karin sighed deeply as she glanced around these rooms she had created; this home had become symbolic of her ability to make a life on her own, a tangible expression of her ability to somehow rise above the adversities in her life, focusing on the positive outcomes of even her most negative experiences.  Even those accidental occurrences in her life that had seemed to deal glancing blows had produced some unexpected bonuses, teaching her so much.

She had learned that the path to self-actualization was more about the journey itself and not the destination.



  1. Don’t know what to say. Your writing is beautiful. The truths in the story are beyond practicality almost like The Serenity Prayer. Your face tells me you’re a wise woman. Now your words tell me you’re a wise woman. I’m glad to know you.


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