Good morning, and welcome to The Sunday Salon, our virtual reading room in which we share our thoughts on books, blogging, and life.

This week has felt productive to me. I’ve enjoyed the books I read, the blog posts I wrote, and the family moments along the way.

Yesterday I spent hanging out with one of my older grandsons:  lunch, shopping, whatever.

All week, I’ve been participating in my ROW 80 writing challenge, and writing my thoughts about my activities in various blog posts.

Restless Energy

Defensive Characters

ROW 80 Check-In Post

Saturday Snapshot

Exploring the Road Not Taken – Movie Review

My Reading Week – (Click Titles for Review):

1)  Made in the USA, by Billie Letts

2)  Final Payments, by Mary Gordon

3)  Reading Women, by Stephanie Staal

I am very happy with how the week went…the books, the blog posts, and visiting other blogs around the blogosphere.  I hope some of you will stop by and share your weeks.

16 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — JAN. 16

  1. Glad you had such a productive week – hope you can relish in the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. Reading Women looks very interesting… will be curious to see what you thought of it. May the week ahead be just as good!


  2. You did have a very productive week in all ways. I’m happy for you. I know you’re happy for you.:) I hope this week will become a better one for me. I did enjoy a few memes last week. I’m still reading this one book. I’m enjoying it but it has no ending. lol. Glad to have made the visit over here as always.


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