Good morning and welcome to The Sunday Salon, our virtual reading room where we gather to reflect on the previous week.

Rainy days have driven me inside to read and blog, but despite that, I did not finish as many books as I had on this week’s stack.  I guess I could chalk it up to family stuff.  Distractions.

Last Sunday, we had a post-holiday get-together that was so heart-warming.  My son from LA stopped by with his three kids, and those of us living here joined him.

Family Gathering at California Pizza Kitchen

Six Grandkids All in a Row


Book Blogger Hop – Hyped Books

Awesome Author Challenge

Saturday Snapshot

New Blog: Snow Chronicles – A Writer’s Journey

Reading Adventures (Click Title for Review):

1)  Solomon’s Oak, by Jo-Ann Mapson

2)  Garnethill, by Denise Mina

Still Reading:

1)  South of Broad, by Pat Conroy

So that’s it for this week.  What have you been up to?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.

19 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — DEC. 5

  1. I’m with you in your post about hyped books. With rare exceptions, I mostly don’t read books that are hyped. I have enough books on my shelves to keep me busy.

    As for books you mentioned here, the Mina book intrigues me the most, I think. I’ve heard of Mina, but haven’t read her. Maybe this will encourage me to pick up the book. Maybe.


    • Yes, I know what you mean about having more than enough books…I just spent an hour removing books from shelves that I will never read again in order to free up shelf space for newer ones. Now I have a box of books to take to a thrift store or a library sale….

      Thanks for stopping by, Unfinished Person….


    • Oh, thanks, Vivienne…It amazes me that four of those grandkids are teenagers!

      Actually, I have seven grandkids, but one of the grandchildren is never able to attend these events; it’s a long, sad story involving estrangement (on his mother’s part).

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. How do you like the Pat Conroy book? The last Conroy book I read was The Prince of Tides, but I’d like to read another. Is this one good?

    Great photos and what a lovely family!


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  4. I have Prince of Tides and his latest book, My Reading Life, on the shelf. Maybe for after the holidays. Great pics! Thanks for stopping by my Salon today. Aloha from Rob


    • Me too, Amanda, except I haven’t done that in years! When I was a kid, we spent every Sunday at our grandmother’s house with all the cousins. My favorite memories — playing silly games, and then later, as teens, giggling in someone’s car and listening to the radio.

      Thanks for stopping by…and for recalling the nostalgic moments for me.


  5. First, I see you finished NaNoWriMo! Congratulations! I got sick around 25,000 so I couldn’t finish, but at least I tried.

    Second, I LOVE Pat Conroy & just ordered his latest book that came out last month. It’s called My Reading Life and it’s a memoir about the books and stories that inspired him. I read South of Broad last year and loved it, but I will admit it gets much better as the book goes on. I have a feeling that this book happened to him and is much more autobiographical than he is letting on. Read it with that in mind!


    • Oh, thanks, and I’m glad you could stop by, Girl from the Ghetto…I noticed that you seemed to go on pause for the NaNoWriMo and figured something like that must have happened.

      As for South of Broad, yes, there are parts that are less enjoyable, but I’m almost finished with it now. I’ve noticed that in this book, and in Prince of Tides, there were some horrific child abuse issues, which seems to be a theme. I can relate…and my books have that same common thread.


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