A young woman waits for disaster to strike, even as she also delights in her new love affair. Excerpted from An Accidental Life.


She stared at the phone, wondering if it would ring.  And if it did, would it be friend or foe?  Suddenly she remembered that she hadn’t checked the answering machine.  She bolted and hurried down the hall to the living room, staring at the machine on the hall table with its message light blinking.  She approached, calmly depressing the button, and listened to several voices:  first, Karin had left a message about going shopping; Joyce had called just to say “hi”; and Chase’s sexy voice interrupted the routine of the other messages:  “Hi, there, beautiful!  Sorry I haven’t called…I’ve been out of town.  Call me!”

Relief washed over her as she repeated Chase’s message.  She almost punched in his number right then and there, but then saw that she had one more message.  Hesitantly, she pushed the button and heard music playing…It was a familiar tune, but she couldn’t quite place it.  What was it?  She listened again.  Ooh!  It was that childhood tune!  Itsy, bitsy spider….climbed up the waterspout…down came the rain…and washed the spider out… Chills went up and down her spine.  What did it mean?  While the song wasn’t ominous, it suddenly seemed totally malevolent as she considered the hidden meanings.


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