Two friends and colleagues plan a big makeover in this excerpt from An Accidental Life.

Hours later they stared at the contents of Joyce’s van.  Yeah…They’d really gone hog wild in their pursuit of the perfect collectibles!  But they were both smiling as they dragged themselves up the walk to Joyce’s front door, and inside, they sank onto the dining room chairs, exhausted but gleeful.  “We did it!”  Karin declared with aplomb, throwing her arms wide, while mentally picturing how the objects would be arranged.  Joyce got up to put on the coffeepot and then sat down opposite her friend, watching her gaze circling the rooms.  She smiled inwardly.  The adventure was not over yet!

They chatted while they sipped their liquid refreshment, gaining their second wind as the caffeine did its magic.

“I think I should paint before I do too much rearranging of things, don’t you?”  Joyce saw the room with new eyes, with its plain, somewhat dirty white backdrop.

“We could do that tonight!”  Karin announced, standing up and walking around while she planned their evening out loud.  “Home Depot is just down the street and we can have fun!  What else do you have to do, anyway?”

“Yes, let’s!  But first we have to unload the van.”

They completed that task with dispatch, ready for the next phase of their plan.  “Are you sure you’re up for this?”  Joyce glanced anxiously at her friend as they drove away.  “I mean, we could get the paint and then I could do it tomorrow.  You’ve devoted so much time to this project already!  Don’t you have to get back to Bridget?”

Karin shook her head, and burst out:  “Are you kidding?  Miss the best part?  No way.  Besides, Bridget will be at her dad’s all weekend…And I’m not seeing Scott until tomorrow night.  At the last minute, we had a change of plans…He had to go out of town on assignment.”  Trying to hide the gloom that had crept into her voice, Karin swept her glance away for a moment; then, looking back at Joyce, she continued:  “So, you’re doing me a favor, giving me this opportunity and all…Otherwise, I’d be curled up in the condo, thinking paranoid thoughts about whatever Scott might be doing in San Francisco…”  She laughed nervously at the image.

Finally convinced, Joyce allowed herself to really get excited, as she visualized the colors she would paint the walls, transforming them into something Old World.  “What do you think about that sponging technique for the walls?”  She asked the question hesitantly, watching for Karin’s response.

“I’ve done it!  You’ve come to the right person for that one.”  They pulled into the parking lot and eagerly rushed through the doors, heading for the paint aisles.


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