Karin and Molly, two coworkers, commiserate about how to jumpstart their social lives.  Excerpted from An Accidental Life.


Molly studied the other woman curiously.  She apparently knew what she was talking about.  “So, what do we do?  About our nonexistent social lives, I mean?”  Suddenly, Molly hesitated.  Maybe she was being presumptuous.  After all, Karin hadn’t actually talked about her own experiences that night.  Maybe her evening had turned out differently.

Smiling, Karin shrugged.  “Some people recommend joining groups…I’ve never been much of a group person.  Even in college, I avoided most of the activities…Clubs, etc…Not my style.  But there’s a school of thought out there, that if you participate in some activity you enjoy…Except, of course, hanging out in bars,” she laughed chummily.  “You can develop relationships around those activities, which are like a natural springboard for forming friendships.  And friendships can turn into something else…Or, if not, at least you have the friendship.  Sort of like the college thing…We found that time easier in terms of developing relationships because we had the built-in common ground of the college experience.  Something to think about.”  She sipped her drink, while staring dreamily at the wall behind Molly.

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