Today is the fourth day of NaNoWriMo, and I’m still feeling jazzed about it.

So far, so good.  The writing seems to be falling into place, I’m still excited about the characters, the plot, and the point of view.

Why, then, did I just spend the last thirty minutes searching desperately for my camera?  I try to always put things back in their proper place, because I know that I can get distracted if I don’t do that.  So I remember last using the camera on Halloween, when my youngest grandson knocked on the door saying:  “Trick or Treat,” with that hopeful look in his eye.  Of course, the photo I took doesn’t show his eyes…LOL

But I wanted to upload the photo on the computer.  So off I go to my handbag, where I usually keep the camera (just in case I find something worth snapping when I’m out and about), and it wasn’t there!  Next I went to my entry way and looked all around the little rolltop desk that sits there…nothing.

Now what?  I searched the living room, around the coffee table, on the bookshelves…then I looked in my bedroom.  Still not there!

Just as I’m desperately considering the possibility that it is lost forever, I check the car.  Just in case I took it out of the bag when I went shopping.  Not there.

Back in the house, searching, searching.  One final peek in the car.  This time, I get in the driver’s seat, look down at the floor, and there it is!  When I was grabbing bags from the front seat (after the store), it must have fallen out.

I’m very relieved.  But this long tale is leading up to all those numerous things that can throw us off our game.  Lost items, things to do, and another thing I discovered this morning:  spammers!

Now Word Press does a nice job of grabbing them and putting them in the spam folder.  But sometimes I find non-spammers there, so I check regularly.  And delete those that are truly spam.

Well, one or two spammers have been rather hostile, coming back with more comments and saying:  Why have you deleted my post?  I had good information…blah, blah, blah.

But it irritated me, and then worried me.  Now what will they do next?  Is this paranoia I’m feeling now?

Spammer/lurker paranoia grips me like the other kind I’ve had recently:  What if the computer crashes and I lose all of my data?  What if one day, I try to turn it on and nothing happens?  What if….

Then I thought about a saying that is stenciled on the side of a tin, designed by Mary Engelbreit:




When I read this again, I sighed and decided to grab the moment and not worry so much about “what if.”

I’m pretty sure that I’ll allow things to creep in and try to knock me off course from time to time, but I don’t have to stay in those dark places.

Just to cheer me up, I decided to upload my Halloween photos and remember how children enjoy their moments.




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