Rearranging the Space



It’s been a crazy week so far.  I can’t believe that it’s Thursday and that I have basically diddled away the week.

Okay, maybe not completely, since I’ve been blogging and reading.  In fact, I even did some more furniture rearranging.  I moved the little rolltop desk out of my bedroom and into the “sitting room/entry way”—that’s kind of a joke, since this part of my condo hardly qualifies as an “area”—but I like to pretend.


My Little Entry Area


I’m kind of pleased with how things turned out, though.  Next to the entry way, I have this little desk now where I can throw the mail and sit down to pay bills.  Yeah, right!!  LOL

Actually, I was just kind of bored, so when that feeling descends, I rearrange furniture, change up blogs, visit other blogs…you get the picture.

Speaking of which, I did some “rearranging” at this site.  When I wrote An Accidental Life, I was living in the foothills in an A-frame house, which is partially depicted on the cover of my book.  Set against the backdrop of the Friant Dam, which is easily viewed from the upstairs bedroom, this was my home and “creative station” for several years.  When I started to write the story, I thought about the nearby lake that draws teens who are restless, bored, and searching—euphemisms for whatever desperate choices they might make.

Since my story features four teens exploring the dark side during one hot Central Valley summer, it seemed appropriate.  As for the A-frame house, when I first moved in (and when I wrote the story), it was a rustic color.  In this photo, it was repainted.  This was after I wrote the book and near the end of my time in that home.


The A-Frame Cottage

When I changed things on my blog here, I put a row of birdhouses on the top border, and then another in the sidebar.  They kind of look like that A-frame house in miniature (and in the original color).

Perhaps I’m feeling nostalgic lately, and when I reinvent my rooms and blogs, I often reach down into my memories and recall other places and seemingly recreate them.

Accidentally, perhaps, like the concepts in the book….

What do you do to stir things up and reinvent your life?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.




  1. Whenever I need to stir things up I leave town. This is usually a temporary fix. If things really need shaking I change countries. 😉

    Note: please don’t move heavy furniture around when there are plenty of younguns willing to do it for beer money (use family/friends, safer). Plus you get the added joy of pointing and making the guys move heavy things from one place to another, change your mind, then make them move it again. This is one of the biggest joys of womanhood and you’re not capitalizing on this….?


    p.s. I miss the A frame.


    • Oh, how nice to see you commenting here (all the way from Berlin!). I would ask the “younguns” to help, if they were ever around when I needed (or wanted) something done!

      It was so much more convenient when you were staying in the guesthouse! I miss the A-frame, too, but not Friant! And not the huge yard that I couldn’t keep up with…

      But nostalgia does descend….


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