Pondering Changes....

After several stressful weeks, Karin Larson decides to make some changes.  Excerpt from An Accidental Life.

Experiencing the pressure of the nagging worry on a daily basis had finally added up to this black mood facing her on this November Friday.   So she had called in sick and now lay curled up into a little ball in her bed.  She could hear Bridget moving around in the kitchen and after a few minutes, that little tentative knock on her door.

“Aren’t you going to work today?”  Bridget had a concerned expression on her face, which touched her mother more than anything else she could have said or done.

“No, I decided to stay home, today.   I’m okay,” she added quickly.  “Just a little down.  Feeling really tired, too, so I thought I’d take a ‘mental health day’.”  She forced a smile to alleviate the panic on Bridget’s face.

Her reassurances must have worked, as Bridget’s face assumed its bored expression and she waved, closing the door behind her.  And then Karin heard the front door slam and Bridget’s footsteps hurrying down the walk.

Karin covered her head with the comforter and tried to go back to sleep.  But her racing thoughts wouldn’t stop.  Finally she turned on the TV and lay there watching the Today show, followed by a talk show, until finally she realized that the noon news was on.  She had totally frittered away the morning and hadn’t even gotten dressed.  But it felt great!

As she stepped into the shower at last, her thoughts were already planning out the rest of her day.  She would rearrange the furniture in the living room.  Maybe she’d even change her bedroom.  Why not?  Everything in her life could use an overhaul, she decided.

She was halfway through the living room when she spotted the newspaper on the dining room table.  Suddenly she was seated there, sipping the coffee she’d just made, and reading the Classifieds under Apartments for Rent. That would really change her life around, she thought, her excitement mounting.  She circled several ads as she perused the columns.  One in particular caught her attention.

She punched in numbers on the phone.  By the end of the hour, she’d made arrangements to see a couple of the best apartments.  Why hadn’t she thought of this sooner?  She and Bridget had been in this dumpy place for over six years!  For a little bit more a month, they could have something really nice.

She didn’t even consider what Bridget would think about being uprooted.  After all, she’d stuck to the same general area in her search.  Bridget wouldn’t even have to change schools.  She wouldn’t be as close to Fawn, but the two of them could get together by bus.  It would only be a few blocks, or a few miles at most, between this dump and a really nice townhouse.

Karin felt a surge of adrenaline as she got ready.  She dressed carefully in neat slacks and a silk shirt, topped off with a tailored jacket.  She pulled her hair back into a clip and brushed on a little eye shadow and blusher.  Satisfied that she looked professional and potentially desirable as a tenant, she headed out the door.

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