Good morning, all….welcome to The Sunday Salon, that great virtual reading room in which we gather to share about our weeks and network with other bloggers.

This week has been full of strange events—some of which actually affected my reading.  You can read about one of those events on my Hump Day Potpourri post.  But despite those, I did have an enjoyable Saturday yesterday.  I went to the movies, and then came home and watched another movie.

Yesterday’s movie was a comedy, but it also aroused some of those long-buried feelings about, guess what?  High school!! Now does anyone want to go there again?  Not this blogger!  But the movie had a great cast with Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Kristin Bell…etc.

You Again Poster

Then I came home and watched this DVD, which I’ve reviewed HERE.

So my “light and fluffy” day almost made up for the nightmare week…with the missing book, etc. (Oh, you can read about that in the Hump Day post!).

Today I’m just going to do some more reading.


My Reading Week:

1)  The Cloud Chamber, by Joyce Maynard (Click Title for Review)

2)  Body Work, by Sara Paretsky (Review up later today)

3)  Missing Pieces, by Joy Fielding…which I was almost finished with went it went missing…literally.  I have my request in at the library, but who knows when I’ll get it?  Alas….

If you see my book anywhere at all, please contact me! lol

Okay, then…that’s it for today’s salon.  I hope the rest of you had blissful, uninterrupted weeks for reading.

9 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — SEPT. 26

  1. ‘Cloud Chamber’ sounds really good! I wonder if it’s the same sort the physicists use to detect subatomic particles. I have another novel with that title which is about a scientist spy around the time of the second world war. I’ve long meant to read it because I hear it is very good.

    Anyway, I hope this week is better than last week and you find that book!


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