In this excerpt from “An Accidental Life,” Karin enjoys the romantic moments between her and her new boyfriend.

Hours later, they sat satiated while the waiter cleared the table.  They had made short shrift of the platters of food, finished two bottles of wine, and they were now contemplating whether or not they could stand up and leave this place.  “Ooh….” Karin moaned.  “I can’t believe I ate all of that!  But it was so scrumptious!”  She flashed him her dimpled smile.

Scott leaned in toward her, his voice low and seductive.  “I think a little dancing is in order, don’t you?  We can call it exercise, if you will,” he added, grinning like a mischievous boy about to reach inside the cookie jar.

Karin allowed herself to be swept onto the dance floor and the music surrounded them.  The band played those ballads, those country tunes, teasingly, just to lead the unwitting victims into acts of indulgence.  That music was just that…music.  It wasn’t something prophetic.  The songs weren’t being sung just for her and Scott, even though it felt like it.  And there they were again, playing that song: May I have this dance for the rest of  my life

Enfolded in his warmth, as their bodies curved together like one, she felt the pulsating of her heart, while her throat seemingly closed up.  Scott’s achingly soft voice in her ear reminded her that they were two people, even though they seemed melded together.  At first she thought the dance would go on forever…And then she was afraid it would end.

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