Good morning, all!  Welcome to The Sunday Salon.

Today I’m feeling quite rested, since I slept until 6:30…unheard of these days.  Outdoors, there’s a cool crispness to the air that reminds me once again that…IT’S FALL!

Okay, I didn’t intend to give a weather report here, but I’m jazzed about cooler weather.  Not too cold, though.  Just cool….

School days are here again, and my child-minding duties for my grandson Noah are down to occasional after school moments.  Here’s a photo of Noah that I love…and I didn’t even snap this one.  His mom did, and he’s obviously relishing his Starbucks feast.

Noah with Starbucks Goodies

Weekend Blogging Events:

Book Blogger Hop

56/Book Beginnings

Compulsively Blogging

A Bit of Me (Me)-Hobbies

Reading Week (Click the Title for the Review):

1)  Keeper of the Keys, by Perri O’Shaughnessy

2)  The Good Daughters, by Joyce Maynard

3)  Fragile, by Lisa Unger

These books were all a little bit different from one another, which made the week feel full and satisfying.


How was your week?  What exciting events are coming up next?  I’m planning to watch movies at home and start reading a new book.  I hope you’ll stop by and share some thoughts.

15 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — SEPT. 12

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