Good morning!  Welcome to the Sunday Salon. Happy Labor Day weekend, all…I hope everyone is being safe, wherever they are.

I’m staying close to home, as usual.  This past week, I’ve enjoyed time with my family, my blogs, and my books.

Family Time:

Tuesday was Salon Day with my granddaughter Fiona.  She wanted a little spice in her hair, as well as a new cut and style.

A Little Spice

Unfortunately, she attends a school with strict guidelines, so what WE thought was acceptable…not so much.

We have to go back on Tuesday and “unspice” it a bit.

But we did have fun.  This photo was taken at Red Robin afterwards, where we had dinner.


First of all, today is my blogoversary here at Accidental Moments. Actually, this blog started its life over at Blogger as Accidental Life. We’ve only been here in this format for a short time.  But since the heart of the blog is one year old, we’ll commemorate it…just a bit.  No big hoopla or anything.  Just a moment of silence.

In the past couple of days, I participated in some blogging events:

Blogger Hop

56/Book Beginnings

Friday Obsessions


A Bit of Me (Me)

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow for the new Monday Mailbox/It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading?

Now let’s look at my reading….

Read and Reviewed This Week (Click Title for Review):

1)  My Story, by Marilyn Monroe with Ben Hecht


2)  Comfort Food, by Kate Jacobs


3)  To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee


So that’s my week…today I’m planning to relax, watch movies, read…whatever.

Hope you’ll stop by and share your own plans and thoughts.


    • I was quite frustrated, too, Amanda…the school district is very strict, which is what we have to put up with here in order to get good teachers, etc.

      I thought her hair was quite acceptable, but oh, well! Thanks for stopping by.


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