Good morning, and welcome to the Sunday Salon.

Here we gather, almost as if we’re in a giant reading room in a university library, to share the past week’s moments and to network with others.

As usual, my week has flown by; however, my child-minding duties have shrunk substantially, with the occasional pick-up after school—oh, and the Friday morning drop-off.

Blogging Activities(Some Notable events):

Waiting on Wednesday

Book Blogger Hop

Book Beginnings/56

A Bit of Me (Me)

Reading Adventures (Books Completed – Click Title for Review):

1) Irish Twins, by Michele Cozzens

2)  The Long Way Home, by Gail Caldwell

3)  Give Me Your Heart, by Joyce Carol Oates (Review up later today)

Plans for Today:

I’m definitely going to have a slow and leisurely morning, with the Sunday papers; then I’m going to check out one of the movies playing in the neighborhood mall.


17 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — AUGUST 29

  1. Your Sunday sounds delightful to me! I wish I didn’t have all these chores to do. It’s been ages since I went to the movie theatre! You also had a good week in reading! I need to check out your reviews now. Have a good week!


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  3. Ooh, Irish Twins looks fantastic!! I spent today traveling back from my vacation in Boston… I didn’t read a thing and instead posted about my in-laws boat that I (glutton that I am) got to spend time on…Boston Harbor is glorious on a beautiful late summer day!


  4. First I’m sorry to get here so late…after you visited my blog earlier today. Second, what movie did you go see? Should we, your readers, go see it too? Third (as you can tell, I’m very orderly ;), I’ve never read any Joyce Carol Oates. Where would you suggest I start?


    1. Oh, Unfinished Person…glad you stopped by. I ended up being lazy and not going at all to the movies today. I was reading, etc. Then I went out to dinner with my son and daughter-in-law tonight.

      I think I’d start with JCO’s We Were the Mulvaneys. I think it has a broader appeal than some of her work. I also really enjoyed Blonde, which is loosely based on Marilyn Monroe’s life.


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