Good morning!  It’s time for our gathering place, The Sunday Salon, which is our blogging version of a great university library, where we all get together to discuss reading, blogging, and our world.

Again, the past week has flown by.  On Monday, we all participated in our It’s Monday! post, followed by a week of memes, etc.  On Wednesday, I interviewed a fascinating author of paranormal books who cites the 60s show, Dark Shadows, as part of her inspiration.  Her interview is HERE.

Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing a fascinating book I read this week, and an author interview will accompany this review on my Creative Moments blog.

You may have noticed that I’m featuring my Sunday Salon post in a new venue; I’ve moved my Accidental Life blog here, and it is now called Accidental Moments.

Also, I received a Versatile Blogger Award, and posted about it on my Reflections blog, where I then proceeded to award the blog to 15 others.  On that post, you’ll also read seven things about me.

Yesterday’s A Bit of Me (Me) was all about favorite foods and/or restaurants.

Naturally I’ve rearranged a few blogs and themes this week.

So here’s what happened on the reading front.

BOOKS READ THIS WEEK (Click Title for Review):

1)  Beachcombers, by Nancy Thayer

2)  It’s Murder, My Son, by Lauren Carr.  This review and the author interview will be posted tomorrow on Creative Moments.


The Guest House, by Barbara K. Richardson; Sheila has a great interview of this author up on Book Journey.

Don’t you love this cover?  In the interview, the author tells the story behind its creation…as well as many other tidbits you’ll be interested to know.

So that’s it for today’s salon.  I hope you’ll stop by and visit me here at my new “gathering place,” and share your own stories from the blogging and reading world.

20 thoughts on “THE SUNDAY SALON — AUGUST 8

  1. justbookreading

    I think I read Beachcombers a while back, unless I have it mixed up with another book but it looks very familiar. I’ll have to stop by later to see if it’s the same book. Nice new place. 🙂


    1. JoAnn, it happened again! Yours “fell into” the spam folder and I just now discovered it! Usually I’m more astute about checking these days, but that one slipped by.

      Thank you for stopping by and for the compliment on the new venue.


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