Photograph by Craig Robinson, Berlin Photographer

Time Passes

In this excerpt from An Accidental Life, we experience the inner thoughts of a stalker.

He enjoyed watching her drive along the freeway, and east on Herndon, unaware of his presence. He stayed three cars behind her. After all, he knew just where she was going. When she pulled into her complex, she gave that furtive little look over her shoulder, but by then, he was down the block and behind a couple of other parked cars. He could see her clearly, though, with his binoculars, and could almost feel her fear by the expression on her face. That deer-caught-in-the- headlights look that really turned him on!

He waited for awhile before he drove away. Returning to his own little nest, he savored every moment as he anticipated that she would be waiting for him. Once inside, he sank down into his armchair and his gaze circled the walls, taking in the additional photos he had captured with his telephoto lens; these were some of his best work! He admired them, especially the ones where he had caught her looking nervous and frightened. That doe-eyed look.

He smiled to himself and closed his eyes, while the anticipation of his next step titillated his fantasies.


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